The Washington Wizards will be better this year, but how much better?

The Wizards went through an offensive overhaul over the last season. This year, their offense should not be in the bottom 20 of efficiency like it was last year. Out of 30 teams, the Wizards ranked 22nd out of 30 teams in terms of points per possessions. This preseason, they’re ranked in the top 5.

They should be better than they were last year because of that. Some think they may even have the potential to make it to the NBA Finals.

They’re pushing the pace more than ever, but that means there will need to be adjustments on both sides of the floor. At Bullets Forever, I did a film breakdown of what has been happening in the preseason defensively and what they need to correct.

If you’re a sports fan, interested in the minutiae of how things work with basketball or even just interested in tall dudes running up and down a floor, I’m sure you’ll like this piece.

You can catch more of my work at Bullets Forever and My Mind on Sports this season. I hope to ramp up my NBA coverage this season and get back into sports journalism work along with the political work I do.

Let me know what you think in the comment section! Thanks for reading.

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