Do not trust me with your predictions

You can trust me with your life, but never your predictions. As it turns out, I cannot tell the future and am not good at predicting things.

Opening night of the NBA season is next week and that means everyone is predicting everything right now. Who will make it to the NBA Finals? Who will win the MVP award? What player will break out? How many wins will team X have?

While I love basketball, and sports in general, I have to admit my track record is not very good when it comes to making these declarative statements. Last year at Bullets Forever the staff came together and made predictions about the upcoming NBA season.

I made five predictions about the Wizards season. How correct were they? Not at all. I did not get a single prediction right.

Why stop there? Why not embarrass myself further? Let’s take a look and see what I said. Let’s see how wrong I am.


Here we are. The first thing I predicted was that Bradley Beal would shoot over 85 percent from the free throw line. My rationale? He would get to the free throw line more often. He’s already a good three point shooter so, naturally, he should be a good free throw shooter.

What went wrong? Well, Beal didn’t get to the line as much as I thought he would. Did his percentages fluctuate at all? NOPE. He shot 78 percent from the foul line. 78.3 percent, to be exact. Just .05 percent less than what he shot the previous year. And he got to the line 2.6 times per game, which is the exact same amount as the year prior.


Glen Rice Jr. was cut for a roster spot the Wizards did not even fill til the last few weeks of the year. Next?


So John Wall did not even get a vote for MVP last year despite leading the league with 46 guard double doubles and plenty of 20 point, 10 assist games to boot. Wall was very good last season averaging just around 17 points and exactly 10 assists, but everyone else was better. 

Stephen Curry, who is absolutely amazing, won MVP last year. James Harden was a very close runner up. LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook followed up in that exact order. So while Wall did not get any consideration, the players who did absolutely earned it. And that’s something I am happy I was wrong about because we got to see five amazing seasons from all five of those players.


So, my logic here was pretty faulty. I thought because a veteran said he would hold players accountable for making free throws that all players would shoot better free throws. Sadly, this is not NBA 2k16 and a veteran badge does not give point boosts.

The Wizards ended up finishing 21st in free throw percentage last season after shooting 74 percent. That’s about what they did the year prior. There go those free throws again.


Thankfully, this did not happen at all. Pierce did not start a fight and he was not suspended for fighting. What a dummy I am.

Thanks for reading. Remember, do not trust me to make predictions. FOR ANYTHING.




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