How #KD2DC became a thing

The Washington Wizards have been a historically bad basketball team.

They’ve only won one title in the last 50 years. They haven’t reached a Conference Finals since the 70’s. The franchise has a pretty sad history behind it. But in 2010, everything changed when Washington drafted John Wall with the number one overall pick in the draft.

Wall’s drafting represented a change in leadership and a new vision for the franchise. He was the first overall draft pick of the Ted Leonsis ownership era in Washington. Since, Wall has become a two-time All-Star, led the Wizards to the playoffs two years in a row, and created a buzz the city hasn’t seen around this team in quite some time.

But down in Oklahoma City, another buzz has been brewing. Kevin Durant, a local Seat Pleasant product, has consistently been questioned about potentially playing for the Washington Wizards.

Durant’s deflections have done nothing but stir more confusion and controversy. While he hasn’t said he would play in Washington, he hasn’t exactly denied that he would leave Oklahoma City for Washington either.

Because of that. the pressure to get him to D.C. from all sides remains as strong as ever. It’s a mess. How did it all start? Well, here’s a timeline to show you exactly how we got here.

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